Warwickshire, England

Jojo & Ant

Happiness is the key ingredient to any wedding and it seemed to really define JoJo’s and Ant’s for us. Maybe it was the cubbing that kicked off the day or the fabulous helicopter that surprised us all — but there was definitely something in the air!

As JoJo got ready for the church, surrounded by friends and family, a beautiful sense of bliss cocooned the room and it never left. One guest summarised it perfectly at the reception saying ‘I have never stood in a church and literally felt the whole room smiling, it was special’. The waterside setting added to the romance of and it felt like a true movie moment when JoJo and Ant flew in by helicopter. Afternoon turned to evening and after some amazing speeches in their beautiful marquee the dancing began and didn’t stop for hours!! This was a wedding with lots of firsts, but our strongest memory was that gorgeous sense of calm that just permeated the day and kept every guest laughing and smiling long into the night!


“You captured such emotion behind the day that simply cannot be conveyed in a photograph, thank you.”

- Jojo & Ant