Wiltshire, England

Becky & Edmund

Becky and Edmund’s wedding was a serious party and a serious party requires double the filming! Longer than our usual videos, this was an epic complete with gorgeous countryside setting, fly fishing scenes and of course lots of tea…

A wedding that truly reflected the couple, Becky and Edmund looked a picture of rural romance riding off to the reception in — what else, a gator! Becky’s house provided a perfect backdrop for this idyllic party; the whole day was showered in an amazing sense of fun and everything from the table settings to the flowers felt completely personal. As the night continued the lovely open fires and hay bale seats were the perfect respite for weary dancers. With laughter ringing out from every blade of grass, one guest turned and said to us ‘this is exactly the day I dreamed they’d have, it’s been perfect’, and we couldn’t have agreed more!


“We weren't 100% sure whether we wanted a film when planning our wedding, but in hindsight it was worth every penny and we are so pleased we did... A perfect snapshot of the day!”

- Becky & Edmund