Northamptonshire, England

Zoe & Jack

Zoe and Jack’s day was one of the most stylish we’ve shot. From start to finish this wedding was effortlessly chic and a total joy to film. It was one of those days that the moment the car swung into view, you knew it was going to be a great party.

This wedding was a smiley one! Zoe and Jack couldn’t stop beaming everytime they caught each other’s eyes and it was infectious… As they drove off hand in hand in that gorgeous Bentley, the entire party couldn’t help but gaze in wonder at a vision of true romance! The reception was made for the space at Christacorn House, the marquee looked stunning and guests were treated to riotous speeches, which were so good we actually edited a separate film for them! Champagne was flowing and the evening began with a sparkle, in the form of actual sparklers — another ingenious touch that everyone loved… As one of the party said to us later in the day, ‘when I look at the energy between these two, I’m reminded how powerful love really is.’  Well there you have it, Zoe and Jack; the new power couple!


“We love reliving it all, again and again!”

- Zoe & Jack