Leicestershire, England

Rosie & Patrick

If Patrick was looking for extra brownie points on the day, surprising Rosie with our wedding film is about as good as it gets! We love the moment at 0.53 when she realises we’re here to film their day!

Surprises and lots of fun really sum up this celebration, a wedding full of romantic moments from start to finish…The bagpipes ringing out in the church were a beautiful nod to Patrick’s Scottish roots and as the couple drove their landrover off into the distance, the fields rolling behind them, it felt truly magic. The English garden setting was perfect, guests mingled on the lawn in front of Rosie’s beautiful house and as she tossed her bouquet into the tartan dappled crowd, the excitement was palpable! Day turned to night and everyone headed inside to get the party well and truly going, there was dancing and merry antics that continued into the wee hours…With a fellow Scot pointing out to us that ‘nothing looks better on the dancefloor than tartan troos’ and watching the footage back, we think he might be right!


“One of the best surprises of the day and what a treat this film is to have with us forever!”

- Rosie & Patrick