Arusha, Tanzania

Nicole & Javier

It’s really special to work on a wedding that is a little bit different and this African fairytale was certainly that. An astonishing setting that was complete with flowers in their tens of thousands that added such a magical and pure touch to the events of the day – and left us with many an angle to choose from. Javier and Nicole never stopped smiling from the moment they saw each other and so neither did we.

Nicole’s attention to detail was amazing and the delicious food and lots of champagne added to an already perfect evening. As one guest said to us “weddings like this one are very far and few between, how lucky we all are.” As the night continued the couple took to the dancefloor lit by lanterns and candles and enjoyed their first dance. — it was so romantic that we actually felt as if we were shooting a Hollywood classic. This is a wedding we certainly won’t forget in a hurry.


“I still watch my wedding film every day! I'm so grateful for a memory to keep forever.”

- Nicole & Javier