Northamptonshire, England

Amber & Ed

Amber and Ed’s was our first wedding so this one will always feel special for us. We stood amongst the guests that evening, fireworks popping above our heads and knew this was the start of something truly special for them and us!

The day was literally straight out of a Richard Curtis film. Amber and Ed had an impromptu wedding band disguised as guests, a vintage MG and of course a black lab — the stuff of English fairy tales! A friend put it perfectly when he said to us ‘Watching them drive off into the countryside made you tingle, it just looked totally idyllic.’ There was so much thought in every detail, from the gorgeous garden setting, to the beautiful marquee and it all built up to an amazing crescendo of happiness and excitement as we danced the night away. A true English love story, our first project and one we can safely say we’ll remember forever…


“Whatever you may think... the video was by far the best money well spent. Totally invaluable and fully encapsulates the entire wedding.”

- Amber & Ed